Open Google Sheets

I want to open Google Sheet with a particular Sheet.

How to do that?

Thank You

How are you accessing google sheets from your app ?

I have the google sheets app installed in my phone.

After a button click i want to open a particular google sheet

Where the DataUri is in this format:<>SHEETID/edit#gid=<GIDID>

You should ensure that Google Drive / Google Sheets are installed on the device, and that the app user has permission to at least view the spreadsheet.

whats GIDID?

It is the ID of the GID (Grid Id) which is the specific sheet in a spreadsheet. An example:

On the above spreadsheet gid=1517699002 is Sheet2

Mine has 0 I suppose :sweat_smile:


That would be the first sheet when the spreadsheet was created. It may not be the first sheet on the left (which is opened by default if no gid is specified), so you should specify it...

Thank You so much

Of course this works on MIT AppInventor for Android. It will not work for iOS, and would need testing on other builders...

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