Notifier Doesn't Close

After the user selects either Quit or Play Again, the notifier doesn't dismiss. It calls Reset and changes screens just fine, but the notifier is still on the screen. What am I doing wrong?

Please provide your Aia here. Thank you

Try this


Also instead of using compare text blocks you can use logic block


It's still a WIP, but here's the aia Learn_Music.aia (1.6 MB)

None of the notifier prompts seem to close and I'm really confused

First, I think you don't need to add the ("DismissProgressDialog" block) because you are not using ProgressDialog.

Second, I see the TimerInterval you set is too fast (10 Millisecond).
I conclude that the problem may occur because the Timer Interval you set is too fast so the
Clock1 cannot set TimerEnable to False.

Also check the advice against opening screens without closing them, in

and the advice against opening Screen1.

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