Need help with emulator!

Hello guys. So I use the MIT App Emulator on a Windows Computer. So, what I see is a 3g phone. It was alright until I started using Animation and Color extensions and FirebaseDB. While on a MAC, the emulator is a useable smartphone. I just wanted to know if there is an alternative or 3rd party 4G emulator that is compatible with MIT App Inventor. I don't have a physical device and my mom's phone is not always available. Please don't tell me to download Android Studio. My laptop's RAM is 4gb. THANKS in advance...

I don't know if it's helpful but I found a tutorial on how to install emulator without Android Studio using Command-Line application.

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Thanks for the suggestion... But even though it is not an Android Studio emulator directly, my PC can't handle. Something a bit lighter would work maybe... Anyways, its my PC's fault. Awesome suggestion..


It is quite hard to find emulators that use less memory. If you can trust online emulators, then go for it.

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Found an lightweight android emulator called MEmu Play.... Not sure if ill download it coz it seems to be a virus... However everyone is saying it is safe so idk... I'll try it...

Memu Play

Memu Play is quite heavy for a 4gb. Even tho my laptop can handle it, it cannot run parallel to MIt AI and thats a problem.

So I started using Nox Player

Nox Player

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions... Should have researched a bit more before creating this topic... I will be grateful to everyone...


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Also see here:

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I'm currently using MemuPlay. It's lightweight and faster than the stock MIT emulator, and I can connect to Companion on it without aistarter, albeit after a couple of tries. The rendezvous codes expire really quickly, for some reason.


Nice suggestions for those who have a chromebook... But unfortunately mine one is a HP Notebook Laptop

Yes, MeMu Play is good. But it takes a minimum RAM of 4GB. My Laptop's full RAM is 4GB. So keeping chrome on for MIT AI, MeMu lags so much. Therefore I use Nox Player which takes about 1-2GB ram. Thanks for your suggestion tho..

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(Nox added to FAQ)

Thanks for the report!

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