Need help regarding Firebase

Okay, hello everyone, been a while.
I'm here trying to make an app for my class, where someone would be in charge of having to upload informations/assigments (mostly texts - Ex: Test this weekend (biology)), and i figured i would be the guy that could make an app for that comes a reality. Ive thought about using Firebase, but since im a beginner with it, im kinda lost, ive already made a firebase, but i wanted to be able to write on it, and it would show on my application, is there a way?

Use the Firebase component (in the Experimental drawer of the Palette)

or use the web component

Yes, ive done that already, my question is if i can somehow write on the database, and what ive wrote, shows on the app


Use the StoreValue block ?

i meant for example, if i went home and wanted to upload a piece of information so all my friends could see,like, if i wanted to write on a external source, without being the app, write it you know what i mean?

Then write it directly into the firebase console (Data area)

Interesting, how would that work? such as setting tags and its values?

this is what it shows on my data screen, of course i had to blur the ulr

Add a node to your project url and then add a node to that.


Yes, that

Where the "Key", would be the Tag? The tag where i would use GetTag on MIT?

Yes, that is correct

How would this work? i wanted to put whats on biologyexam on the label, so it would update it, showing its value

Look in the Firebase blocks palette for the event block that fires when GotValue.

In that event, set the Label.Text to text JOIN(tag,':',value)


Something like this? I dont quite get what u meant, mind explaining again? how am i going to see which tag is which?

I do undestand that it will fire whenever Firebase got a value, but how do i set it to show only the tag that i want? thats whats bothering me

This will show a log of everything that has been gotten from Firebase during the current run of the app.

The catch is in knowing what tags to request from Firebase ahead of time.

Maybe keep a reserved tag "news" holding a list of recent tags to request?

but how would i exactly get a specific tag?

You already do that in your first post.