Navigation Within A Building

I am wanting to create a navigation app for the inside of a building. The goal is using 2 list pickers, I can navigate from A to B. I am wondering where I even begin, knowing I will need some kind of routing software, alongside drawing routes so you don`t walk through rooms. To add to complexity, you need multiple floors. I am new to app inventor, and am looking for any tips.

what about doing a search in the community?
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To clarify, I am wanting this navigation to happen on a pdf map view. It is for the inside of a school, and would be better with room numbers and the school seen in that way. In the community posts I looked at, (maybe I misunderstood), it seems they are using navigation from one building to another. I need it from one room to another. Thanks!

Welcome Quacker.

Navigation within a building is extremely difficult using tools available to App Inventor.

  • one way is to provide a List of directions from one room to another. Possibly provide a QR code taped to a door that would tell you where you are presently, the use that information to provide turn by turn navigation.
  • another way is to use a gps

Neither method is particularly practical but might work for your Project.

  • OpenRouteService (MIT's Navigate) ... an almost useless tool outside or inside
  • Google Maps Direction api. Useful outside but not inside
  • your own list of instructions/direction on how to get from A to B that your construct
  • make a maze of your building using Canvas and Sprites and work with that. (games and tools using a maze concept using App Inventor)

Sorry, not possible using a pdf. Here is a possibility using an image on a Canvas:
AI2 Flat Map Tutorial . the example does not show an example using an image of rooms but the same thing can be done using a drawing of rooms.

A different way to do something similar: AI2 Flat Map Tutorial and How to make a Custom Map Overlay Part II .. Show the user on the Map and a Custom Map Overlay can identify specific 'rooms'

Be aware

  • a gps will only work indoors if the rooms have access to a window and even then if the gps signal is weak will not work very well
  • the accuracy of a gps is such that the best resolution is 2 meters to 10 meters outside; inside a building this would be less inside a room

Others may have more ideas Look for their posts.

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You might also consider using Dijkstra's Algorithm
where each node of the graph is a landmark on campus, down to the building and room number, or a staircase entrance or door, and each edge of the graph is the direction you must take to get from place A to adjoining place B.

Keep a table of graph edges

  • place A name
  • place B name
  • directions to place B from Place A

Do NOT try to add rows for long distance travel, only adjacent neighbors.
The Dijkstra Algorithm should be used to generate the path for you at run time based on your input starting and ending locations A and Z.