My mit app Inventor project fail to load

Please help, I can't load any of my project work since yesterday. The page will load but the projects will fail to load .

Do you see the projects in the project list?

Were you working on an especially large project yesterday?

Can you use this link to get back to your project list so you can try loading a different project:
MIT App Inventor

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My projects are on the lists.
I was working on a big project yesterday.

Try the link I provided and load a smaller project, to make sure your connection and browser are okay.

I have tried the link. I was able to load a small project.
How will I load the one that i can't load.

I hope you took .aia exports along the way and saved them somewhere.

There is a time limit to how long AI2 can spend trying to load a project.

You fattened up your project little by little until it grew too fat to fit that time limit.

Tru a new browser like Firefox and put your project on a diet, reducing

  • screens (< 10)
  • Media files
  • block count

I have always been using Firefox. I can I load that particular one so has to remove some media files.

I really appreciate your time

Here is a list of .aia tools you can use on your .aia export files to slim them down ...

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Thank you.
I will need to download and install before extracting the files.

There is an option to export an .aia file from the Project List.

If you succeed with that, you should be able to open the .aia file with free utilities like 7zip to clean out bloat before renaming the file and trying to upload it as a new project.

P.S. There is another server, with a larger limit, but it is one version behind, so uploading it there might not work.

Also, it is better to work on your appetite first.

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I really appreciate. Thank you for your time.

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Good afternoon and thanking you for yesterday.
How do i remove some media from that project that is not loading.
I try the link you sent me yesterday, i was able to view the .aia file but i could not remove the media.

Did you download aia ? If yes open archive with 7zip, go to assets and delete unwanted media files to reduce aia's size. Save and upload aia again

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If you upload the .aia file here, I can make a short video showing you how to do that.

Okay. Thank You

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