My emulator stuck in Google logo

after i installed this, and click "hard reset" and try to connect with emulator, its still stuck like this. what should i do? i cant open my project bcs my phone is iOS so i tried to installed the emulator

you are asking same question with 2 account. This is considered as spam. Pls decide which account to be deleted.

i will use this. do you have an answer about my question, please?

ok, another one deleted.

What happened with my emulator?

Your emulator is from Android Studio and not the standard AppInventor Google emulator; therefore I guess the MIT Team cannot help you a lot.

However, please make sure that the Android Studio windows are not closed. If this problem persists after turning off the emulator and trying again, install another emulator.

i install the emulator from this website Installing App Inventor 2 Setup on Windows

if this was wrong, where to install the emulator

You can install other Android emulator, like Blue Stack, LDPlayer, then in this emulator, install MITAI companion.

I'm curious what the hardware specs are for your machine. Generally this screen should not take more than a minute the first time you start the emulator (and be much faster on subsequent starts)--think of it like setting up a phone for the first time. However, I think the default image requests 2 GB similar to what the Pixel 2 has, so if your system is short on memory it might be struggling there.