My apps keeps stopping

hello. my app keeps stopping after opening it for some minutes, anyone knows why it happen? at first, the app can work fine but after like 30 seconds it suddenly start over from splash screen. here's my project, please helppp T ____ T


Start by reading the below question.

Share your blocks and/or aia to get help.

i can't upload my .aia because the file was too big, but i don't know where is wrong. i downloaded the app on my phone Redmi Note 9 with Android 13 version, but somehow after update version, the app keeps stopping. i can share my .aia on drive, is it okay?

You can tell about your project. How big is your aia, how many screens, blocks, mediafiles, extensions, etc used. Post your blocks. Did it work before? What did you change compared to the previous version? I guess you have a backup of the version that worked? You can not expect us to go through your aia and search for an error, especially when it is so big. Do you have errors in your block editor?

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All of your images are oversized..