Multiple screen

Hi there :slight_smile:
I started my firs project... and it needs many screen.:slight_smile:
screen3 - 4 - 5 etc. are quite similar to I followed this guide to "copy" Screen2 as Screen3, Screen4, Screen5 etc.

# How To Duplicate Screens On MIT APP Inventor 2019 ( Multipule Unique Screens )

All seems to work fine... but...
After I had quite finished my projetcs I had to do a modification... so I gone to "Blocks" of Screen3 (copy of Screen2) And after I clicked on a Label to obtain blocks... I had message:

An internal error has occured. Bug report?

I checked for something strange and... I noted that my Screen3 is always named as Screen you see in the follow screenshot:

So... I think that something has gone bad in the "screen copy" :frowning:

Is there maybe a solution?



The video neglected to include the required editting to change the screen names in the internal text.

Read the advice section on many similar screens and start a new project.

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