Mp3Tags extension

no. what is it ?

Maybe you don't have READ permission.

yes you were right...thanks

Here is version2 which use new app directory and so don't need to copy image file any more

There is an update of my extension to catch mp3' Tags.

you need READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to make it works.

you will find here :
-extension aix
-exemple aia
-source code iff it can be usefull for someone

jml.Mp3tags.aix (8.8 KB)
Mp3Tags.aia (67.2 KB)
Mp3Tags.txt (7.1 KB)

I hope you will enjoy !

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please use your existing thread to post new versions...
I now merged the 2 threads...
you additionally could edit your first post and upload version 2 additionally there and update the documentation...
see also this thread as example about how to work with different versions [Paid] Alarm Manager Extension with Notification


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ok thank you

In order to complete my needs, I improve this extension.
you will find here version 3 with much more Tags to get and possibility to Edit most of them.

About Rating: All apps don't use same values. this is what i fond here

Rating   WMP 12           Win 8.1 Explor   Winamp v5.666    foobar2000 1.3.2   MediaMonkey         Proposed reading
stars    writes (reads)   writes (reads)   writes (reads)   writes (reads)     writes (reads)                 for MediaMonkey
-------  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     ----------------

0        ---              ---              ---              ---                  0 (          0,     2-8)  |  0             0
0.5      ---              ---              ---              ---                 13 (       9-18,   30-39)  |  0.5        2-22
1          1    (1-31)      1    (1-31)      1    (1-31)      1    (1-32)        1 ( 1,   19-28,   40-49)  |  1      1, 23-31
1.5      ---              ---              ---              ---                 54 (29,   50-59,   70-90)  |  1.5       32-63
2         64   (32-95)     64   (32-95)     64   (32-95)     64   (33-96)       64 (      60-69,  91-113)  |  2         64-95
2.5      ---              ---              ---              ---                118 (    114-123, 134-141)  |  2.5      96-127
3        128  (96-159)    128  (96-159)    128  (96-159)    128  (97-159)      128 (    124-133, 142-167)  |  3       128-159
3.5      ---              ---              ---              ---                186 (             168-191)  |  3.5     160-195
4        196 (160-221)    196 (160-223)    196 (160-223)    196 (160-223)      196 (             192-218)  |  4       196-223
4.5      ---              ---              ---              ---                242 (             219-247)  |  4.5     224-254
5        255 (222-255)    255 (224-255)    255 (224-255)    255 (224-255)      255 (             248-255)  |  5           255

I built formulas to convert stras number (N) to Rate (R): R=(N-1)63+1 (doesn't work for 0)
And Rate to Number of stars : N=Round((0,0157060054
you can find it in .aia

Group is use for you to sort your file's with some criterion of your choice

I hope you will enjoy.

Mp3Tags.aix (16,6 Ko)
Mp3Tags_v3.aia (86,3 Ko)
Mp3Tags.txt (7,1 Ko) (Source code)

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you will find here new version (v5)

i corrected a bug (it was not possible to create rating if it does'nt exist)
and i add some tags:

  • volume adjustment level . it allow you to store a value to corect volume on some songs
  • Last play date you can store here the system date when you listen the file in order to not listen always the same file.(be careful, this tag is not a standard ID3 tag ang will be not read out of your app)

[Mp3Tags_v5.aix (20,1 Ko)
Mp3Tags_v5.aia (92,1 Ko)
Mp3TagsV5.txt (32,5 Ko)

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I'm in trouble whith the extension : rating bar
All Extensions From AppyBuilder Community [FREE]
-taping the bar it is not possible to select zero star
-when i try to make it display half stars it doesn't works

is someone know a well orking extention or is able to make one ?

Rating is not standardized in ID3 standard. so each program has its own scale.
previously I tried to define formulas to translate rate to value to store (and reverse) but it doesn't works for all.
so in this version (6) i created a new block:
this one returns name of the last program which wrote a rating in the file (for exemple"Windows Media Player 9 Ser¿es")

when you change rating from this extension, it will be " AI Mp3Tags extension."

so with this you are able to use the good scale according to your files

Mp3Tags_v6.aix (20,6 Ko)
Mp3Tags_v6.aia (93,5 Ko)
Mp3TagsV6.txt (34,1 Ko)

Thank you so much for your work. It's first that i used without compiler errors. But there is a little "but": it doesn't run if i try to play a mp3 stream. Fortunately without errors also in this case but without retrive any data from the stream. I think it's for the nature of the get system that you had used in your software. So, the question is: there is a way to get ID3 TAG data from a streaming mp3 flow?
Thank yoy very much for your attention.

effectively my extension probably cannot get data from streaming: it reads informations in mp3 file and i have no idea from how streaming i'm not able to extract data from streaming...

When i tried to get album art for list of mp3 files, we are getting same image for all the mp3 files.
Can you please resolve it?

The only way i found to make my extension works it to save the album art in a temp file.
so if you seach several album art all of them will be saved in the same file. you hafe to save each image as soon as you gave it.

Can you add the album cover replacement as well?