How do you Pull Metadata from Shoutcast Radio live Streaming?

Hello guys; after a month of developing my Shoutcast player, here is my progress, and I want to thank all of you guys for the input. From your input, I was able to develop the present stage, but I am now stuck because I cannot come up with how to add the "Now Playing" song and the album picture and an option to expand the "Just played songs" history.

On WIFI, the player starts instantly (which is nice), but it takes some seconds to start on the cellular network. However, once started, the live stream will continue.

If anyone can help me pull the metadata from the song, that help is welcomed. I have tried a couple of samples, but the extensions I found are not working. My project is giving an error. Thanks!

Sunday April 30 Multimixradio_Radio_App.aia (1.0 MB)

... and these would be?
How do you know that metadata is provided?

What metadata extensions have you tried?

Thanks for responding. jml.Mp3tags.aix and Mp3Tags.aix - Mp3Tags_v5.aix - See the thread here, but
I think it's the same author. Here is another version


Sorry, I am not sure I understand. If you are asking, "How do I know that there is metadata in the songs?

Here is an image of a song being played on my station

While I have an app for the website, I need a stand-a-love app with the player only.

Forgive me if I did not answer the question.


Thanks for the response.

Let me point out that I should not say the extensions are not working. The extensions are tested with a file, and I am streaming live off my shoutcast server with Sam Broadcaster Pro console.

I do hope that I am not over-explaining things here. Sorry if I do.

How does your website get the metadata from the stream?

The song info is pulled from the MYSQL database. The artist name, song title, album name and image are added to the info section of the song when I add a song to the MySQL data. But, now I want to pull the image off the web from a database, but first, I need to have the artist and song being played option working first.


how does your website know, which artist and song is being played?

The Sam Brocast PRO connects to my Shoutcast server to stream the songs. The data of the song is pulled from the Sam Broadcast MSQL database. The simplest way to explain that is through an image of my Sam Broadcast. Everything happens using pal scripts. I upload all song files to the Sam Broadcast database.

did you already try a Google search?
or how to pull metadata from shoutcast streaming - Google Search

for example


you could write your own extension and create the functionality yourself...
more information about how to create an extension see the App Inventor Extensions document
however that will be more advanced and will require some Java skills...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Thank You for your response: I am trying to build an independent app with the player only. I do have an app in the Google Play Store for the website where the player is embedded.

I want to thank all for their input, and I don't want to take up valuable time from you guys. My skill in building apps is limited, and I am learning from everyone in the business.

I have been at this for a while now before posting here. I spend much time on Youtube, Google and Bing searches. I am poor at writing codes; that's my reason for using Mit Inventor.

Again Thanks, All.

Anke, Thank you for the suggestion. I did look at that, but it seems that version of the extension is no longer available, or the extension has migrated to ExoplayerUi1 and ExoplayerCore1, both of which I spent time exploring, but I might be looking the wrong place. However, I will research that again.

The Plyr1 player that I am using has this block
MIT App Inventor meta block
and I have been studying it, but it might not be the same as what I want to do. Or, it just might be my limited knowledge of setting up the function.


Perhaps this code

will help Fred. I have not tried this with another feed. You mighty another feed and see what happens. Perhaps another feed will contain metadata and yours might not?

You might need to specify something for thumbnail and subtitle in the Pyr1.Initialize Block to capture the metadata (if there is any).

good luck.

As @Anke and @SteveJG have already shown, that particular stream doesn't have much metadata.

12 = mime type
16 = has audio
17 = has video
38 = sample rate
8 = title

Wouldn't it have sufficed to find out just once that metadata isn't available?

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Many thanks for all of your input on my project. The songs were uploaded to the streaming encoder years ago. It is tough to add the data to each song info. Therefore, some songs will have lots of data while some songs will have some data. The magic happens in the encoder MySQL data, and it is from there the song data is pulled from. Your input is very valuable to me. The easiest way to answer is through these images. My broadcast encoder is running on a Windows computer, while the streaming (shoutcast) server is Linux based, running a Ubuntu server. I will experiment with the examples you guys have suggested and report back. Here is a sample of a song playing. But I do not need all that info in the app, just the basic, playing now info.