MIT App Inventor Appathon for Good 2021

Yep, appathon site is back. Let's see for how long.

Not for me unfortunately.
Edit: Okay, now got it.

Including Reddit :joy:

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Countless popular websites including Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Stack Overflow, GitHub,, Hulu, HBO Max, Quora, PayPal, Vimeo, Shopify, Stripe, and news outlets CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC and Financial Times are currently facing an outage. A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN provider, is thought to be the reason, according to a product manager at Financial Times. Fastly has confirmed it’s facing an outage on its status website.

And someone on Reddit said that it's due to overload on Reddit servers :joy: while in fact they are not alone.

A friendly reminder that the registration for our 2021 Appathon will be closing this Saturday 6/19/21. Form your teams and sign up for this exciting event before the deadline:


Done by me

Apps should have been made during the period of July 18-31 based on the theme(s) to be announced on July 18.

if it's announced on July 18, will they send me a gmail to notify me?

because today I've cleared all the data from my gmail and I'm confused how can I send my project to the judges. :sweat_smile:

Hello !

My parent's haven't received any confirmation mail , they only got the "revisit link" mail.
The email address is correctly entered , but still this is happening !
Please can anyone help me :pray:


Parents won't get a confirmation email once they've confirmed your participation. However, your team should show as no longer needing parental consent once everyone has been accounted for.

Yes, you will receive an email during the appathon time period (July 18-31) with a link and instructions on how to submit your app.


Thank you very much for the info sir :star_struck:

For your information, judges have to use an Android device to test the entries. So free available extensions are allowed as long you have permission from the extension developer that the extension can be shared.


What is the limit of extension that we use in creating app

As many as you want as long they are free and you have permission from the extension developer that the extension can be shared.

The use of extensions is discussed in the FAQ:

Is we need to show the permission that we granted from extension developer

Ofcourse ..

Yes, you must include this information in your app as an asset.

Thanks @ewpatton sir or @TekWizer