MIT App Inventor Appathon for Good 2021

Hello everyone,

EDIT: 12 hours and counting until registration closes, so if you are interested in registering and haven't yet, please click here.

We are pleased to announce that the MIT App Inventor team will be hosting a 2021 Appathon for Good, the second edition of our Appathon that was started last year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We are extending the timeline for the Appathon this year to be two whole weeks starting July 18th and ending July 31st. Registration opens on June 1st and runs through June 19th, so start forming teams now! We will announce a set of themes for the Appathon closer to the start date.

You can check out our website for details and access last year's Appathon winners for inspiration:

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


can I work alone without a team?


Yep, you can. Just register as an Individual.

I am excited for the hackathon Appathon :grin:


Excited! :star_struck: :star_struck:

It's an awesome initiative. I am eagerly waiting for it.

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Excited About Appathon

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Excited! :grinning:

Who will win first prize?

Please spread the news about the appathon to your friends/classmates.


Hi, I had a doubt:
If I encountered a doubt/problem while I was making an app for The Appathon contest, can I ask about it in the community or is it prohibited?

Last year there was a special slackchannel for competitors to ask questions. I hope there will be a slackchannel this year to.

What is the meaning of a Slack Channel?

Because the appathon hopefully will be very busy in a short amount of time, the competitors can ask their questions there instead of on the community.

If you don't know Slack you can Google for it.


Counting down to the start of the Appathon.


We should not use extensions?

Please read the website. All information is there.

You may use any extensions from MIT, or any free extension so long as you include a note from the extension author that it can be redistributed by MIT as part of the competition. However, please be aware that judges have the option of testing with iOS, which does not support extensions.

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Yes I have read it. But still confused as it doesn't support ios.
Will judges use both android and ios for testing? or they can use any of them?

The judge can use the device they have in their possession. If you choose to use extensions and the judge has only a iOS device testing the testing of your app will be very hard.

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All eyes are on the start of the MIT App Inventor Appathon.


How can i make design like that?

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