Manage blocks? Tidy up block view space and transport large blocks of code to other projects easily?

Is there a way to put several groups of blocks into just one block to condense the code in blocks view?

Example: I create Bluetooth connection. I put all those blocks into one tidy block to put in my backpack and simply drop that into other future apps where i need a Bluetooth connection.

I imagine something like this:

There was once a student project to do exactly that, but it never made the final cut. Similar solutions are often discussed but creating a completely new IDE is a huge task and the MIT team is small.

What you can do is to save template Projects. Your Bluetooth Connection blocks could be saved as a Project which could later be used as the basis of an App or transferred to another Project via the BackPack.

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You could also download the blocks’ .png files and save them for other projects, like in
this video …

Collect the .PNG files in file system directories or github projects to group them.

The most elegant solution I suspect. Still, a “Modular block” would be very handy.


One of the web browser extensions in

has a bulk blocks image exporter.

The exported block images can be dragged into the Blocks Editor Workspace of other projects.