Make (Vaccination) reminder based on schedule

Adapt the responses as appropriate. To keep this simple the app does not keep track of whether the vaccine was given on not. If the proposed date passes, the app displays this in red. You can make this behave any way you like. :slight_smile: However as coded dates in the past always will show in read. If you want a different behavior you will have to provide the date the vaccine is actually administered. :cry:

Could i change the >/ blocks with the addMonths? Because i want to compare dob and vaccination date not the clock1.Now

Im not good in english so im sorry if i look like i lost in translation

I think i provided the date from the datepicker vaccination date/?

certainly you can compare the actual vaccination date. You have to be careful when you modify the code. You may have to provide separate code to schedule the immunization versus the date you actually provided the immunization.

You can provide the DoB date or the vaccination date using the the DatePicker instead of the TextBox date entry the code example uses.

Experiment .. kamsamida

If you see my blocks, i already use the datepicker for DoB and vaccination date.

I think the problem is in here. Could you give some advice?

Something is missing from your record keeping.

How do you distinguish between Planned Vaccination Date and Actual Vaccination Date,
and how do you represent the possibility that a vaccination has not been given yet?

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Perhaps you need to do this or

less than or equal might give you the response you want.

Actual vaccination date is determined by the month. It doesnt have a specific date. If parents input the DoB of their baby and input the vaccination date where they got after vaccinate, we will know if they are late or on time.

So you need a way to represent the unvaccinated status.
There are several ways to do this, with various complexity:

  • Keep vaccination date as text (MM/DD/yyyy?), with either blank or 'NEVER' to signify it hasn't happened yet
  • Keep vaccination date as milliseconds from 1970, with 0 to signify it hasn't happened yet

Whatever way you choose, you will need to test for that special case BEFORE applying any before/after time comparison.

Regarding date before/after tests, see

My plan, i will make the unvaccinated status in different screen, like in a vaccination history screen. This comparison date is for detail data screen

You only get 10 of them.

Use them wisely.

Wait, so MIT app only available for 10 screens?

it still got the answer wrong. vaccination due is dec 17, but i input vaccination date at march 23 and its late

sorry i dont understand what you mean

Sorry I can't help. You changed your app from what was originally requested and I don't know what those changes are

Perhaps because you asked the wrong question.

I don't know what this means.

You changed the Blocks . How many months is the vaccination supposed to be given? That should be the vaccination schedule. You gave the vaccination on march 23 and it was supposed to be given on dec 17. So the person now has the vaccination but he/she received it later than dec 17. That is correct the vaccination was given march 3, 2 1/2 months later than scheduled.

i mean i gave the vaccination on march 23, 2023 and the vaccination due is still on dec 17, 2023 so its not late right??? but why the color is red? fyi, in my apps, The vaccine date doesn't have to be exactly same, what matters is not more than the due date. thats why i use gap like in 11 months, 2 months, etc

i didn't change the block now, i just make it in datepicker tho

This is the app without a DatePicker using a DoB of January 17, 2023

using this vaccination schedule

How do YOU schedule the vaccination and where do you provide the actual immunization date?

could you make it into list picker?

You can do this yourself Jinsol. :astonished: Here are two ways to modify the existing code (do not use both methods).


Try one of the methods after placing a DatePicker control on your Designer.