Vaccination Scheduler

Vaccination Scheduler

Show the projected date a particular vaccine (left image) or show all the dates for the vaccines in your database (right image).

This is a very basic scheduler. The recommended vaccine innoculation is based on use of date of birth (DoB) to determine when a vaccination/immunization should be applied and a knowledge of a person's DoB.

How to determine the vaccination timing is up to you and your physician. A schedule could look like this from the CDC Birth-18 Years Immunization Schedule – Healthcare Providers | CDC .

The app provides a ListOfPairs with vaccination/months following DoB that needs to be set in code. The List is not intended as my recommendation, only an example. The vaccine dose number for simplicity is included in the vaccine name.

A Clock is used to determine the date of an immunization based on the vaccine and the number of months since DoB.

The code was developed based on recent conversations in the community. I did not optimize the code but you can. :astonished:

Adapt this code to your own purposes; make it do what you want it to do. This is not a tutorial. I am glad to answer specific questions here.

You need this>
VaccinationSchedule2.aia (8.6 KB)

It was tested on an Android 13.