Looking for solution between backpressed and closeapplication


I was looking across topics about topic I wrote. But I didn't find exact solution. So I try tell about my problem. I'm not specialist in building applications so be patient with me, please.

I try build application with 3 screens: Screen1, Index and Website. I have problem with two of them (Screen1 and Website). On Website I am showing in webviewer web pages which address is coming from Screen1. When on Website is opening some page and I press back is going to first screen with no problem. But if I click on some link inside this page and after I press back button is closing application. If I choose to not close this screen (Website) I can back to Screen1, but I can’t close application using back button or close application button. I tried many combination but I didn’t find good one.

Is possible to close Website screen from Screen1 before closing app, to be able close application?


Thanks for any help

Have you seen



I saw this but didn't realize that is a magic wand :wink:
This seems to work.

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