Looking for help with water tracking app

I am working on a water tracking app and have used a date picker for the user to be able to select a particular date. I need help with adding in the following functions please:

  • Once the date is selected the user can add or remove cups with two buttons (not allowing negative counts).

  • By default show the numbers for the current date (so the user can come back to the app and quickly add another cup).

  • Provide an overview which has the dates and the cups consumed.

I can provide screenshots of my existing blocks if needed.

Do it, and explain in more detail what your app is about.

I am working on the progress screen for my water tracking app. I want to change how the cups of water the user has had to drink are input into the app and the way that it lists how much the user has had to drink per day.

These screenshots is what I have currently:


I have added in what it could possibly look like, I just could not figure out the right way to do it.


What I want this screen to have is a date picker where the user chooses the current date and a button for adding cups and a second button for removing cups. Then I want the data collected and displayed as a list with dates selected and total cups of water consumed on those dates.

What if the user wants to track two weeks of water?

Pull in the Clock component from the Sensors Drawer.
It has blocks to get today's date, and to convert among different formats.

Using tags like yyyyMMdd (20230615) would let you track water usage longer.

Once you have the current day's water usage, set the Enabled attribute of the Decrement button to (usage > 0). Repeat that check after each change of value.

AI2 has a Charts component. Read up on it and on AI2 lists for a fancy display.

You would have to keep a starting date separately, and use how many dates in from start as your x axis.