Login spreadsheet by webviewer

I have a problem to login directly in new spreadsheet (that I get the URL) without display verified email n password. I want to give email and password in blockcodes. how to solve this?

Check this :

sorry maybe what i described before be confused, so I've to edit my problem specified

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Google expects a gui login to a google account. You can do this with a webview, but cannot authenticate in a webview (even if you fiddle with the user agent), you have to use a proper browser.

You are better off:

  1. Setting the access to the sheet to anyone with the link (to read)
  2. Using a google apps script web app owned by the spreadsheet owner (to read/write)

You could use an intermediary google form to write data

ok thanks y

Plenty of links to examples in this and your previous topic

i trying to find it