Log in and sign up page

How to create log in page and sign up page connected to each other and They can also log in to the program using the Google account

I am working on the same you can set up a registration page send the registration data to a spreadsheet and then you can apply login based on one primary key that is also your foreign key to verify login.

I am working on SSO but its a tuf nut once your app is life then you can go Ahead and add SSO

General methodology A login template by eiXerITS

Google Sheets Login page using google sheets

or search this community for log in page.


I could not understand this is there another way or a file.aia

What couldn't you understand? The login template has a link to an AI2 aia. Did you try the example?

Using a Google account to 'log in to an app' is complex and an advanced topic..use the second link advice. Yes the advice is complex. Other methods to 'log-in' (a password etc. are less secure but might be sufficient for your app).

Here are other (untested) examples from the MIT Gallery that might be appropriate.

I think this will help you @Marwa_Alfarsi