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Good evening, and thanks a lot for giving me the chance of asking for an help....
I am trying to build an app to be able to collect some reports from my colleagues at the end of their job.
I tought to collect them in a google sheet but I would give the authorization to write only to my collegues.
So I tought to create a login page connected to a google sheets from which I could read username and password to be compared with the ones written in the login page...
Then I would copy the username in the report page and add this item to the others so I can know who put the data in every row...
I began by building the login page, with a webview to connect the google sheet. Then I got the data (username and password) in a list and in a listview, but I don't know how to compare the data within the list and the text boxes... Probably I wrong in the way of thinking.... May you help me? Thanks a lot.


Are you happy with the level of "security" you have on your google sheet? I am assuming you have it set to "anyone with the link" can access (read/write) ? Or are you sharing only with people who you give the app to ?

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Dear Tim I thank you very much for your reply.
May you please explain better if you think that sheets is affordable for the purpose I tried to explain? I Would share the app only with the people involved in my job.
Thanks for any help.

It is easy enough to use a google sheet to store login details and to validate a login in an App Inventor app with these. (I can prepare a simple example if needed).

I am not sure I understand how this login (to the app) will then be used to submit reports. Are the reports submitted in Google Sheets or prepared in the app to be uploaded to Google Sheets ?

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Thank you again Tim.... I Would be grateful for the example.
I tought to prepare the form for the report so it can be filled and the data sent to the sheet.
Hope I have been able to explain wht I mean.

And you would want your google sheet to remain private on the web ?

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Yes I would.

OK, I won't get this finished tonight, but sometime tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you will need to read up on this:


(I will explain...)

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Thank you Tim, i read the link you gave me, I tried the blocks and they work ( I had no doubt).
I ask again if you think that using sheets may be sure.
If possible I wait for the example you told me, I accept any suggestion you can give me.
Thanks a lot.

In my opinion, maybe you should make a tutorial to create a login page using Google Sheet.

Salman Dev

Well done for following the howto!

Here is a simple solution, that requires a user of the app to register their email and password, then allows them to login, and then allows them to submit a simple report.

In order to keep the google sheet private, we use a google apps script web app that runs as "you", but you allow "anyone, even anonymous" to run it. The web app provides HTTP GET facilities for the registration, login, and report submission. Here is the code i used in the web app:

function doGet(e) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Logins"); 
  var sh = ss.getSheetByName("Reports"); 

  if ( e.parameter.func == "register" ) {
    var email = e.parameter.email ; 
    var passwd = e.parameter.passwd ;
    return ContentService.createTextOutput("New User Added"); 
  else if ( e.parameter.func == "testLogin" ) {
    var msg = "Incorrect Login";
    var email = e.parameter.email;
    var passwd = e.parameter.passwd;
    var loginData = sheet.getDataRange().getValues();
    for ( var i = 0; i < loginData.length; ++i ) {
      if ( email == loginData[i][0]  && passwd == loginData[i][1] ) {
        msg = "Logged In";
    return ContentService.createTextOutput(msg);
  else if (e.parameter.func == "report") {
    var email = e.parameter.email ; 
    var date = e.parameter.date ;
    var data = e.parameter.data ;
    return ContentService.createTextOutput("Report submitted");

I have kept the login data and the report data on the same spreadsheet for simplicity, but you can use different google sheets if you wish. The login data, if successful, allows the user to progress in the app to report submission, it does not provide the app user any access to the google sheet. You will no doubt want to add additional fields for your reporting, just amend the url you submit in the app, and amend the appendRow section in the script accordingly.

The example app uses three vertical arrangements as virtual screens, one for login, one for registration, and one for report submission. Here are the blocks used:

This is what the two grids on the spreadsheet look like:



I attach an aia project for your use:
GSLoginReports.aia (7.9 KB)

As a reminder, every time you make any changes to your google apps script, you need to publish a new version.

A simpler method without reports, just register and login:


Thank you @TIMAI2 :+1: :smiley:

Would Firebase for Register and Login, and submit data to Google Sheets be a better approach ??

  1. The OP asked how to do it with Google Sheets
  2. Firebase over complicates things in this instance
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I really thank you very much TIM. I will try to apply your solution, Hoping I will be able to solve my need.
Thanks again.

There must be a way to Register and Login using Google Sheets as a repository WITHOUT Google App Scripts !?

Yes, you could use a google form submit for registration and grab the data as a csv to test login credentials, but the google sheet would have to be set with "anyone who has the link" permissions as a minimum, which means that the sheet is not private and available to anyone......

That said, the chances of someone finding/working out your sheetID (brute force) are @ 4 billion to one , all depends if you want to take the risk

Just experimenting Options !
Worth a try !
Doing it. Done the registration part. Trying to implement validation to check if userName already exists ! Will work it out ...

You could always use a script onFormSubmit to encode/encrypt the login data, casual sheet viewers would not be able to access the script to easily decode...then have the decode/decrypt back in the app.

Thats exactly what I iintend doing, but not on the google sheet. I intend using the encrypt/decrypt in the app, so that encrypted text is stored on the google sheet.