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Hello all, today I completed my first UI design in app inventor, just made in 25 mins :grinning:, please say how's the design & something is missing, this will also help you to improve you're UI design skills also.


Download AIA

Login.aia (277.2 KB)

Please don't forget to give me credits :pray:


  • Taifun Tools by @Taifun
  • MyFonts extension by @Ken & @Anke
  • SBV loader by Preet Vadaliya
  • KIO4 gradient extension by Kio4
  • Status bar text-color extension by @nitinseshadri

You can also make it workable using component tools by @MohamedTamer or Click tools extension by @Techno_Vedang

I hope you liked it!


Looks great :+1:


Can you give me the links if possible

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Great UI tho

You should find all those extensions here:

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Wow exciting. I liked it very very much. Super!! :+1: :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much

After compiling the test .aia to apk, I get an error on the phone: Runtime Error Font asset not found Questrial-regular.ttf. Samsung S8, Android 9.

really great

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thanks for the link

you got Google and Facebook images on this website