Listview when selecting shows the selected item, How do you have it show multiple items associated with it?

HI all:
I'm on the struggle bus here.

First, I have the text boxes and blocks that will:
When selecting an item from the listview displays the value in the listview, I have found multiple tutorials for that part.

listview elements loads the selected record into the text box that I open. But how do I also display other data that should be associated with it. (Each in its own textbox)

Like this:
Name - This is displayed in the listview
When a Name is selected
Textbox1 = Name
Textbox2 = location
Textbox3 = date
Textbox4 = Journal entry
and so on...

This seems so basic, but I cannot find an example of doing this.
I am only using one screen and just set view properties of the text boxes.

I have tired both indexing system and dictionary. (which one should I use?)
I'm attempting to build a personal hiking journal for myself, so name is not a person it is a trailhead.
Where can I find an example of this type of Mit App?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

How are you storing your data / each record ?

Here is an example using Google Sheets:

If you want to show a full row in each Element of a ListView, consider YAML format.

This is how the data is stored, minus a few check boxes and such.
I have tried a few variants the Tag was "Hike" but is it supposed to be a static or variable?, I messed around so much I will have to go back and recheck to see what worked.

So in this saved list I had it displaying the hikeNames that I type in.
but I couldnt get it to show the rest of the data when I clicked the listpicker.

An example using google sheets was given to me, and that may help, I see some code that seems to pull the data, but I need this to work offline. So, I preferer to use the phones database.

Here's a TinyDB storage example:

On the other hand, if you plan to filter the list later, a table (list of lists) stored under a single tag ('HikesTable') would be simpler, assuming you will just be adding rows and not editting.

Thank you for your reply, I look forward to watching the video, I have something I have to go do, so I will watch it later - it sounds exactly like what I want to do (I don't see any reason or need to filter this list) so this may work great.
Thanks - You guys rock!
multiple replies very fast. I will post my finding later.

Something like this:

Thank you TIMAI2, I used your example in a quick example for myself and it works like a charm!
It only shows the first textbox on the listview, Then when a selection is made it shows all the data in the boxes.
I have tried for 2 weeks to get this to work like this.
Thank you!