List view with url image

I want to add to a listview of countries their own flags to do this I tried:

The list is correctly created, but it is very slow scroll or stuck.
Do You know why? Is there a better way to do this?
FlagList.aia (5.1 KB)

Thank You very much
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You are issuing a lot of image requests over a short amount of time to that web site.

It's the web equivalent of backing up a dump truck to a buffet.

Here is a less greedy alternative:

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It's because you are downloading the images directly into the List. Downloading them all as a one-off operation on the first-ever run of the App will help, but pre-defining a completed list would be much faster, assuming the List is not going to be edited by the App User.

I see your List is Static, 195 country flags and their related ISO country code? If you can send me a text file (.txt) of the codes and the flag images numbered to synch with the country code I have a desktop program that can convert them into an HTML table (two columns).

You can't upload a zip file of the flags, but you can change the ext to .aia - that should work :upside_down_face:

this any help?

you would probably need to use a dynamic components extension to create a listview

you are welcome to the source code, if you want to remix.

Thank You, no I don't have the txt file.

Thanks to all for the quick reply, this community is awesome.
Now i have the tools to solve my problem.
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pls share with the community what is your solution. thanks

You could also use @Kevinkun 's Tableviewer extension:

Not tested, but you should be able to set the img src to a datauri to use base64 strings from a text file, instead of images. (.....)

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Hi @Kevinkun,
with my sentence I just wanted to say that with the answers I got from the community I will surely find a way to solve my problem.