It is possible to use another voice recorder (SpeechRecognizer)

I want to use the voice recording to fill out a text box but with the Google one, when you stop for a moment it stops writing because it stops, it would be possible to use another one to avoid having that problem

Thanks in advance

This tutorial shows how to use the SpeechRecognizer (possibly the component you are calling 'voice recorder') for continuous dictation. HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things

SpeechRecognizer does not have that issue if you use code to provide continuous dictation. :wink:

Possible alternatives to SpeechRecognizer:

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Perfect, it works..... But would it be possible to do the same with a text box? Because when I stop it, it deletes the written text and puts the new one that it has recognized
That is, it does not join the recognized texts, it writes the last one
Thanks in advance

Certainly, just provide the code to get YOUR desired response and disable the LV.

Possible required code changes: :wink:

Thank you very much for the prompt response, I will try it as soon as I can and tell you the result.


Tested, works correctly, is what I was looking for, thanks

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