Issue of Firebase Realtime database connect to App Inventor

I'm making a project which deals with firebase realtime database.
I try to make this function of Arduino. which is

  1. Take temperature, humidity sensor value by arduino ( It works fine.)
  2. send these value to google firebase (realtime database). (It works fine too.)
  3. Display these value at Application which made by MIT App inventor. (it doesn't work :frowning: )

I really don't know why it doesn't work..
Codes are really fine, and also Arduino code is fine too.
Actually, I am suspicious at firebase token. At last year, I've never seen about Firebase Admin SDK. How can i use it instead of using 'database password'?
How can i connect with firebase to app inventor?
plz I need your help...!!

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If you can browse your FireBase database online, try comparing data written to FireBase by AI2 blocks against the same data written from the Arduino.

AI2 adds extra markup to data it sends to FireBase, that it needs on retrieval.

I don't know what do you mean excatly. :frowning:

These are my block coding, but it doesn't work.

and this is my google firebase database status.

I see all your values are numeric, which needs no markup like text values, so there must be another problem.

(I use text data sent from AI2, so it looks like this in the database:)
my sample data from AI2

Do you have a FireBase error event block, to catch any read/write rule problems?

I took a little closer look at your tags, and you added extra " around HumidityData.

Also see advanced posts in

It justs I did everything about issue.
At TemperatureData, is well defined.

And this is my application display. It always doesn't work..
I think there are connecting issue from between AI2 and firebase.
How can I solve it??

Where is your Firebase error event block?

I don't make any block of error event.
Is it necessary to drive my Application??

It is necessary if you want to debug problems with FireBase.
Use a Notifier to report errors.

@hodung @ABG Hello, i have the same problem. Can u help me resolve it, plz
My App used to work good, but now it doesn't work.
I think it has problem sending data from firebase to mitapp because everything on my app is working fine except receiving data from firebase.
This is my app and my firebase

I see in your Designer attributes of FirebaseDB component you have it set to bucket "Sensor".
But I don't see in your data dump of your FireBase database any branch named "Sensor".

So your app is looking in the wrong place for data changes.


@ABG thanks you, it work. But i have a another issue, that is i want use voice to control, call out the measured values, but no i think i am missing something, please see if it is wrong please help me.


Try something like post #14 described in Automatic Microphone
and HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things

Oh thanks you, it work for the first 3 data, but the last one even receives the voice but it doesn't show the result. I don't know what the error is because it's made up similar to the above.


Very good.

Sorry, I do not know. Perhaps because you used a separate if..then statement instead of chaining if..then..else if Blocks as shown in #1 or you did not filter as in #2?

You did not provide enough Block images to know for sure. Right Click on the Blocks screen and then

select DownloadBlocksAsImage to save an image.

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hello sir i am facing a problem real time sensor data is reciving but it not on mit app

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