Is there something wrong with MIT App Inventor?

I created an app and it works perfectly for since March. But this week the, it started crashing/freezing both preview & the installed app. What going on?

Is your app really big? Can you send us an aia so we can see the problem? I also had a big app and it used to freeze up too. Are you using chrome? If you are, try Firefox. It is a lot faster.

less than 4MB. I think I found the problem but why did this not happen before. linking the image from a URL image.

That shouldn't make the browser slower. Maybe the app would, but do you know the speed of your internet connection? Has anything in that field changed over time?

both wifi & wired. home and in the office. I just thought that there's something wrong with MIT App Inventor. The app I created worked perfectly fine the last couple of months, then I just updated it then started freezing.

Does this tell you something ?

Unless the website is yours, linking to an online image can cause problems because websites are regularly changed. It's also possible that the link triggers an Anti-Virus/Anti-hacking intervention on your side or on the website.

So, if you remove the link, does the App then work without freezing?

I always have a weekly update for this app, and its not one of the blocks that Im changing, just the csv file that i linked to it.

I detached the block that gets the url image, and it worked. But what i do not understand is why just now?

Maybe, it is not you that is slow, it might be the server hosting the image. Try downloading and then manually uploading the image. Does that make a difference?

the image files size altogether are huge, so I used URL image instead. is there another way for us to do it. im currently using (google/dropbox did not work) hey Xtendera, I appreciate your responses. Thank you. also to TIMAI2 and ChrisWard

Maybe they're sick of you scraping their images?

Did you try this ?

Show an Image from Google Drive in your AI2 app

Also, how huge is huge ? Bear in mind the display size of an android device.....

Oh than kyou. let me read it and try it out. files are less than 500kb but count is almost 1k so it wont fit in asset

Please don't tell me you are trying to load 1000 images of file size 500kb ? :upside_down_face:

its per result depending of the user selection. so its 1 image at a time.

phew :slight_smile: had me worried there for a moment....


  1. If the images are not yours, ensure you are legally entitled to use them.
  2. Optimise them for Android - makes a difference.
  3. If your App is going to be distributed, Google Drive is probably not the best choice because of the usage rules. There are other Host Sites you can use but if you have your own Site, that's where the images should be stored.

Thank you guys, TIMAI2 and ChrisWard I'll look into it... have a great day!

see also tip 2 here