Is there a way to change the screen brightness?

Hey!, Im looking for to change the screen brightness by using the light sensor, is there a way?

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Hi @Xispitojm Welcome to the community :clap:

Use this extension to set the brightness of you phone using an app you made.
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Thank You very much! have a great day/night

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hello!, im making an app where i change my screen brightness, but its not working, i used an extention where i could control that, but it says i need to enable Write_System..

Try this

it says the permission has been denied, please enable at settings

Test it as apk and see if it works

i tried and i got the same error message

See also this

Well, i tried everything and still aint working :frowning:
thanks for your help ill look at it again see if i can find anything

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Which Android version are you using for your tests?
The paid version of my settings extension is able to set the brightness ... there also is a test project available...


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version 8.1.0

hey, could someone help? im still stuck :sweat_smile:

does the test project work for you?

nope, it doesnt for some reason

to be able to set the brightness, you first have to set the Brightness Mode to manual


also first you have to allow to modify the system settings...


i cant find that screen, whenever i open modify sistem settings, mit app inventor aint there

the name of my test app is settings and the device settings screen will be opened during Screen Initialize...
you might want to post a screenshot of what you are getting after opening the test app...

Follow the opt-in URL to get access to the settings app and to be able to download it to your device


your test app did work on my device, but when i open the modify system settings on my device to try to enable on my apk, its not there for me