Personal Image Classifier and Emulator

Hello everybody,
I am using PIC in my app and it is working nicely on a mobile phone whereas in the emulator it is shoing this error :-
whereas i have put this component in my app
and here is my code:-

Any help would be appriciated :slight_smile:

Taifun Clipboard does not work emulator too. It's problems with the emulator, not the code.

The emulator is for simple, quick tests. There are many things it isn't intended for and of those you will struggle to find an extension that would work. Far better to test with the Companion, and indeed build an APK to test periodically too.

The emulator that is downloaded with aiStarter 'emulates' roughly Android 4 devices. System calls that require higher Android versions while using the emulator will spawn error messages.

MIT has been experimenting with a emulator that can emulator more modern Androids Is there a new emulator.

It is available and buggy but you could try it.

Ok thanks for all your replies and help :slight_smile:

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