IpTV Extension (watch free TV channels)

Ciao a tutti,
here my extension to watch channels tv from all over the world, for this extension I used the https://iptv-org.github.io/ API.

Request the complete country list

Request the complete tv channels categories

Request the TV channels
country the country code to filter the search, this parameter is mandatory
limit the max number of TV channel to obtain, this parameter is optional
name the TV channel name or a part of the name, this parameter is optional

The countries list with tv channels
responseCode 200 is the correct value
response the complete response in json format if you need more information
country a list with the country name
countryCode a list with the country code
language a list with the language
message a message with error, if there is

responseCode 200 is the correct value
response the complete response in json format if you need more information
categories a list with the channel TV categories
message a message with error, if there is

The channels found after the search
responseCode 200 is the correct value
name a list with the TV channel name
website a list with the website url of the TV channel
logo a list with the logo url of the TV channel
urlStream a list with the url stream of the TV channel
category a list with the category of the TV channel
message a message with error, if there is

The Source Code:
Iptv.txt (20.1 KB)
The Extension:
Iptv.aix (21.8 KB)
The Sample Project:
IpTVSample.aia (78.4 KB)

When You open the app for the first time the channel list is empty, click on the gear wheel.

Here You find some parameters to filter your search
Channel is optional, You can write a channel name or only a piece
Country is mandatory, when You select the text box you see the countries list
Limit is optional, You can write the number of the maximum channels that You want to receive
Then You click on Search

The app starts the channels search, this operation can be very long depending on parameters selected, please wait....

When the search finish You have a list of channels found with your parameters, the channel list is saved on a TinyDB so when you open the app again you already have your channels and You don't need to perform the search again

Select a channel and start to watch.

I hope You find useful
Best Regards

Marco Perrone


You can add category and language blocks also. :slight_smile:

Hi @AyProductions yes I could, but I found this a little bit difficult, so for now I thought this was enough

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Good Extension!

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Thank You @LVC_App_Center

excellent extension! superb :ok_hand:



you need to check the api docs or make your own version, or wait for the developer to make the next version with these blocks....

Estensione di grande utilità, bravissimo.Marco.
Lo utilizzata per i canali Italiani e funziona alla grande.

Very useful extension, very good. Marco.
Used it for Italian channels and it works great.

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how to add url or 3mu code

add url or 3mu is not the extension purpose, if You want contribute adding new url or 3mu You have to check how to do directly on GitHub - iptv-org/iptv: Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world

Ciao Marco

Thanks. OK how to customize the iptv app with login password. Is there any info on building a iptv app with login and password screen.

Sorry @m10toes I don't think you ask in the right place, this topic is about the IpTV extension (only), if You want to add Login and password to your app is it a thing about the app not the extension (I don't know if is it clear what I want to say).
If You want to add Login and password to your app I think the best way is to use Firebase and after the user is authenticated can see the tv channels. But my question is why people should authenticate to see free iptv channels?
Best Regards

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I have a Windows 10 Pro and I installed the AIX file, but if I import it in App Inventor it doesn't get in the Screen1 folder. It is not on blocks either. YouTube doesn't have answers. Can anyone help???

Hi @zainsalimhassan, I don't know why don't You see blocks. Did You try to import the IpTVSample.aia and check if is it correct?

Best Regards

Hi @Marco_Perrone, I finally figured out that after importing, I need to drag it in the viewer. I downloaded the aix file.
I do hope you understand.
Kind Regards,
Zain Hassan.

recently iptv-org removed the parameter STATUS that I used to know if a channel is online or not during the search and I did not show in the search result the offline channels. With the actual extension the result is NO CHANNEL FOUND.
So I changed the extension removing the STATUS parameter, now the search works again but it show all the channels, online and not.

Added flag if You want to add the flag country in your app and the country code could be different from flag code

numberChannel number of channels found during the search useful during the search, this value become -1 when the search finish
channelScanned number of channels scanned, useful for progress bar


Added category and language to filter the channels to find, for example from United States country I want only spanish channels (spa).


Search channels can be very long, use this to stop before the normal finish

Iptv.aix (40.2 KB)

I hope You find useful

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Sir when I run aia then this screen appears

I click gear icon then nothing appears, I waited for long time to see anything on screen but failed. Please see what is wrong

IpTVSample_1.aia (94.0 KB)


here the new sample for the iptv extension and a short video to show how the sample works.
NewIPTVSample.aia (151.5 KB)

Best Regards