Inventor app memory problem

I told you to read the readme.txt.

8 g ram
cpu = New generation CPU
graphic card = 2060 rtx
internet =5g

Hmmmm..... sounds quite confusing. :thinking:

Do you have apps running in the background ? Some apps still run in the background even if they are closed.

Try using some performance boosters to close those apps and free some memory space. (RAM)

No only graphics card is running

I read it but did not understand anything there is an exe file for them inside the internet but not for me

Let's start again Ali.

  1. Are you working from home? If so, make sure that you are the only one using the internet.
  2. Check your broadband speed.
  3. To avoid what might be a problem with Chrome, install Firefox 64bit.
  4. Log in to
  5. Create a new App Inventor Project. If that works, try to open your "problem" Project.
  6. If your "Problem" Project loads:
    Export Project
  7. Post the Export here for us to examine.

I tested the aia file on several computers, all of which did so at different internet speeds
But they still gave this error

How large is your aia-file?

Have you tried using incognito mode (open new browser window in incognito/private mode) ?

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26.5mb :confused: :confused: :confused:

That is much to big. You have to open it with winzip and remove the assets that are to big.

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This might be to big, see here:

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and then:

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I got an error again in this case

So is your App using a few images Ali? If so, they might be too large in filesize and dimensions See the guide on my website on how to optimise your images for App Inventor and Android:
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images

Almost more than 100 files have been uploaded

Knowing the filesize, does this mean you have exported the Project to your Computer? If so, upload it here!

This aia file is a group file and my friends do not allow it to be uploaded

Is it possible to buy more space from the Inventor app for a fee?