Image picker is not working on my device

Please help me Image picker is not working in my app I tried so much I made another app and tried but it is not working please help me

how you tested your app?
Android or iOS?
OS version?
in companion or apk?
what's your code blocks?

I tested in both companion and apk .both are not working. I am using Android 9

I am not using complicated codes
This only code in my project

In companion, use Do It to reveal the file path for the imagePicker selection...

Are you requesting read or write permission ?

Now coming a runtime error

When, what ?

You perhaps need to request the "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" permission.

Now i am trying to make an app for recognition text but when I after choose image coming undefined

My code


Don't over-complicate things immediately.

Are you now able to view the image from the imagepicker in an image component ?

Also advise on the extension you are using ? (Ah, I see it is the ML Kit Text Recognition extension)

What emulator version are you using?

Yes I can view image in image component

Version 2.70

This topic is then solved, pick up your question you raised in the extension topic

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