ML Kit Text Recognition Extension

I dont see where it is written as such, can you please highlight the part where it says minimum requirement is Android 5?


I quote
"Esta API requiere el nivel de API 21 de Android o uno superior"

Sorry because i read it in spanish.
Here say " Need to have API level 21 or superior "

I think Method.getParameterCount() is not supported for API < 26...can you test your other devices with API>26 to check if you have the same error?

Hola Ramon. Lo testee en 4 dispositivos.
En los que son android 6 me dio error, en 2. En lo que es android Oreo y 11, ningun problema.
Quiere decir que el api que se explica en el documento es un API superior no 21, es Superior a api 23 incluido.
Insisto, en los dispositivos con Android 8 u 11, funciona perfecto, en los que tiene android 6 no. (en la documentacion de ML kit dice 21, pero tiene que ser mas que 23 evidentemente).

aca esta el link en ingles. (the link in english).

Source: Method | Android Developers

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Pero por que no funciona en ningun android 6? que es api 23...
Why doesn't work in Android 6, with api 23?

And show me that

Only in Android 6 devices.

It gives you that error, because it is using a method not available in you API release (23).

getParameterCount is available from API 26 (Android 8 if I'm not wrong)

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I am trying your extension for read text from image but it is not working

  1. Read the documentation in the first post again
  2. Check for availability of Google Play Services
  3. Check for availability of Modules
  4. If available then download the modules
  5. Understand the difference between a file path and uri
  6. Ensure that you are returning an image file path / uri to be processed
  7. You need to compile your app for it all to work

Use the filePicker then. You can set the filePicker to find/select only images with its blocks.

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Thank you so much! amazing extension!

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I tested the extension on companion and works fine, but when I try to install the compiled APK and open app, I get this message..

Any ideas? I´m on galaxy s21+ Android 14, using the extension on Kodular

Complain to Kodular, I cannot do anything about it, nor I have intended this extension for other platforms except AppInventor itself.

Thanks, problem was due to Kodular premium subscription, seems like the platform takes it as a monetization extension and don´t allow to use in free version.

I would like to create one extension for object detection with ML Kit, do you know where I can find the Jar libraries files requiered to import in Niotron IDE?

Thank you!

Their broken stupid system blacklists certain internal features this extension uses to classify it as a monetization extension. This causes issues when we use for genuine reasons, for e.g. this extension,

Creating an Object Detection ML Kit extension isnt so easy as adding few .jar files to an extension. All of the libraries developed to run on Android, including ML Kit libraries are targeted towards Android Studio environment. Which is completely parallel to what App Inventor offers, you would have to deal with a lot of things, editions, recompilation, with days of manual labor (only if the person has those skills) and the result often disappoints.

However if you want to use such an extension similar to ML Kit Object Detection, I remember @vknow360 had made such an extension ?


I see that you use the ML Kit by Google, does it support other languages?


This does:

Any chance you're going to make a free version of it?

Definitely not.

Not at the moment.