I would like to know when app inventor will update api 30 to api 31?

I would like to know when app inventor will update api 30 to api 31?


Soon. Try the test server in the meantime: http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/
Apps built there target SDK 31.


Hello. I have the same issue and test server makes an issue too (not the same). So I prefer wait :grin:

Which one?

Your Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key. Make sure your app bundle is signed with the correct key and try again. The app bundle you uploaded should normally be signed with the certificate associated with the thumbprint

Export keystore from AI2 and import it into → AI2 test server.

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He tratado de compilar el proyecto en el servidor de pruebas pero, al momento de crear el archivo.aab sigue el proceso, pero se queda en: "Waiting for the barcode." y de ese punto ya no pasa.

Reload the browser and try again.

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Ya lo hice varias veces desde algunos días atrás, inclusive con Google Chrome y Mozilla Firefox y nada.

How big is your aia? And does it compile on the (regular) AI2 server?

No es muy grande aproximadamente 20 MB, no creo que sea ese el problema

Does it compile on the AI2 server?

Si claro! Pero se queda "colgado" en Waring for the codebar, esos archivos ya los he compilado antes

So again:

... or not?


Post the aia (or send it to me via PM or upload it to Google Drive and post the link).

Error on Google: Wrong Key! ;(

i use the new http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/

On Google Play Console i receive:
Wrong Key of App Bundle!
The Certificate of uploades Bundle has different SHA1 Fingerprint.

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