I want to crop an image taken from firebase

I have stored pictures on firebase that is stored on firebase. I can display that image in my image component in-app. But, I want to crop that image.
I searched for it but did not find a very simple app and the right extensions.
Anyone, please help me with this.
I will highly appreciate your efforts.
Please provide me sample aia or code of blocks.
thank you so much.

I guess the extension by @Taifun would help -


thanks for the response dear But I am having very much trouble in finding the exact solution. i cannot find it.
I checked that as well, which you have mentioned above.

Go to the end of page and click download TaifunImage extension after that open ai2 and import it as extension.


Please show your blocks so far, we can take it from there....

Please say clearly. How do you want to crop that image?! Is it like, the user will be cropping that image?
Do you want, like, all images should get cropped in particular dimension, and are set to as image to any component, automatically?

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Yes, the user will crop the image.

So, what issue are you facing in doing that? There are many available extensions for cropping.
One of them is made by @Atom_Developer .

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actually, I don't understand his crop view extension because that is manual cropping by given numbers in input. But, I want a ball drag cropping in rectangle form. So I do not find this there. And I found another I think taifun extension or I do not remember that was taking images from list picker...but I want the image from firebase should be taken.

simple is that.
if you can help in building a sample aia for me that would be a great help.

  1. Image is stored in firebase.
  2. Image is displayed in mit app screen.
  3. cropped image is further saved

Refer to this answer

yes that is what i do not understand. How it is picking image. But he is using list and stored pictured alread. I do not want use list picker.

So, what problem do you have?
Fetch images and store them in a list. And use the images wherever you want.

I think you are not getting me or i am unable to make you understand. Thanks for replying

Maybe set image to clickable and when image click crop it and display new one in image component

can you please provide a sample aia file.

I gave a firebase image to this project but the image is not being shown for cropping.
The image tag is "photo1.jpg".
Still cannot see.

here is aia file that i updated.
atomCrop (1).aia (110.5 KB)

Your aia is of no use whatsoever. In the other topic you said you could successfully download a file from firebase storage. Why are you now unable to do so ?

Why not use the web component to download your file from firebase, this is much more transparent...