I want to create an aix

How does one make an API? I think an API is a purple extension that one can enter a value or two and have some thing happen, correct??
I am making a flashing message, but there are too many components to just drop into a project.


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Are you reffering to procedures ? See also MIT App Inventor Procedure Blocks

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Hey Dora, I believe that was what I meant... lol! still a newbie even after a long time


I lied... no, I meant how to create an extension, to be used from The extensions menu

Looking to make an .aix...?

@Gordon_Lu provides a useful starter guide:

You should also consider RUSH as an extension builder


Cheers Tim, I will check it all out

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Btw, you need to know quite much of Java to make an extension.

The API for .aix mistake you made, makes me doubt on that fact. :thinking:

Usually making assumptions make an a** out of u and me.

I like the Niotron Tim, thanks

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