I have trouble in saving data in list and import to chart

I'm making reaction time test app.
Using Tiny DB
but there is an issue that list can't save multiple numbers
reactiontime, number of attempts.

and I move another screen. merge it to one list and ordered import from list, but it dosen't work
I need solutuion for saving data with list formed numbers.(making Two list)
and merge it and chart linar graph output.

I searched comunitty but I failed to find soulution.

I have to end this in 1hour, please help me to end this job.
this is for saving data and list it.
global setup

loading and merge lists
global setup

Full Shot of Screen1 blocks

Full Shot of Screen2 blocks

the words in korean is for information messeges or component names, Not relevant with numbers.

Maybe one of these samples?