I have multiple Screens

How can i make a certain screen be my main screen i make it into an apk lets say that i want my main screen to be screen 3 how can i do it?

When Screen1 initializes, switch to Screen3.


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but what happens when i go to screen 1 again?
will it be a loop?

ill try this method thanks.

Yes. (So describe what exactly should happen ...)

im just planning on making a login signup app but my mistake is that my screen 1 is main screen then my login is on screen 3 so when i convert to apk the login will not be seen

Use a TinyDB to store if the user is logged in. If yes, then stay on Screen1. If not, redirect the user to Screen3.


So where exactly is the problem? I guess after successful login you shouldn't open Screen3 anymore, but Screen1, right?

the problem is that when i open it goes to screen 1 which is not the login screen

This should be the code for Screen1.

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It's also probably better to use virtual screens.

I solved the problem i find this thank you guys for the help it will be added to my knowledge <3

I don't think this is necessary anymore. You can simply copy the login blocks (procedure) or even the whole screen to a new screen - using Ctrl+C from one screen & Ctrl+V to another (new) screen.


we can do that?


wow I didn't know that we can do that thanks!

by putting them on the backpack or just ctrl+c ctrl+v?

Yes, (click on Screen1, "Strg+C", add new Screen (Screen2), paste "Strg+V")


Screen2 after copy & paste

Change Screen1 to Screen2 (and if necessary copy procedures and variables into the backpack and paste them on Screen2).


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ohhh thank you Anke this is a big help!

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