I can't see the folder ASD on my mobile

I can't see the folder ASD on my mobile.
I have made an application that saves in pdf format to the ASD folder.
This ASD folder is the


I have installed Total Commander (File Manager).
And still it DOESN'T LET ME enter directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3/files/ .
If I continue and press on edu.mit.appinventor.aicompanion3.
Please see the pictures. What can I do?

How can i give to Tolal cammander write rights? When i press YES i see the below screen

Have any of you been able to see the contents of the ASD folder on your mobile phone?

That's not a question for this forum kopernikus, it is a question for the people @ Total Commander.

Why do you want to access your App's ASD externally? The whole point of that directory is security - only your App should access it.

As already mentioned here:

I don't care if it's Total Commander, let it be someone else, nor does the file manager let me. Is there anyone else who can see the ASD folder?
I want to see the ASD folder because that's where you create pdf files that I want to select and share.

Not sure I actually understand what this is about exactly. Anyway, I have no problems creating subfolders and files within them on my Android 13 test device.

Hi, you can't access app specific directory (ASD) on Android 13. Unless you root your phone.(Not recommended)
This is the internal storage of the phone, there you don't have permission to write.
You need to try another way to create a app that you can open in normal procedure and do your things in the app.
Hope helped you.

You should only comment here if you actually know what you are talking about. The ASD is located in external storage and to access it the device does NOT need to be rooted.

Haven't you seen my screenshot yet?

This statement is also wrong.

Sorry about that.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????????????????
How did you manage to see the contents of the ASD folder?
Please Please Please :pray: :pray: :pray: tell me, I have been trying for a long time and I have not succeeded. What mobile app did you use to view the files? Thanks

to select and share pdf files you use shared storage
as it has been mentioned earlier, copy the file from ASD to shared storage and select and share from there
the ASD is only for your app

PS: I'm able to access the ASD using Total Commander on Samsung Galaxy A54 running Android 13

To access an ASD for test purposes using Total Commander follow these steps:

  1. select the directory you like to access in /Android/data and click Yes

  1. click "use this folder"

  2. click "allow"

  3. now you are in...


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You can access to this folder also from Windows.

Yes, of course.

Looks like now you can't access ASD with Total Commander.

Neither with File Manager plus.

Access granted for dirs prior to ( I don't know which) update will continue to be accessible.

Which is what I reported back here

Yes but still discussion went ahead so I also thought to contribute too.
If I remember correctly, around February I made a sample app demonstrating access to ASD with SAF and that was working.
But today I checked again and came to the same conclusion. That was really surprising.

Android 13, Pixel 4 XL:

Using ?

and did you only just now create access ?