I am making something similar to google scholar, I need help with the search results

I already have the activity starter set up, mostly. I have it so I can search things vea a text box by changing the extra value. All I need is a way to make the search results show up. I am fairly new to this, so I figured someone here could help.

Are you using the ActivityStarter.StartActivity Block? Assuming settings like:

  • Performing web search. Assuming the term you want to search for is “vampire” (feel free to substitute your own choice), set the properties to:
    • Action: android.intent.action.WEB_SEARCH
    • ExtraKey: query
    • ExtraValue: vampire
    • ActivityPackage: com.google.android.providers.enhancedgooglesearch
    • ActivityClass: com.google.android.providers.enhancedgooglesearch.Launcher

a StartActivity Block is required to display the results.

Alternatively to using ActivityStarter to search the Web, try something like this API

Thank you for the help! I will notify you if I need anything.

please show your relevant Blocks.

I have tried having the activities starter results Add to a list viewer, but that didn’t work.

This is wrong

Unfortunately we can't see all values completely
You also can set them via blocks..


ExtraValue is also deprecated. Use ExtraValues with a list of lists

Clear all your entries under the Properties for ActivityStarter and use the following Blocks instead perhaps. :wink:

Substitute your search TextBox for the hard coded 'Christmas' in the example code


I ended up getting this notification when I tried,

This is what I put in but I just keep getting the same error. (Fixed the under score by the way)

As we now can see you are using iOS...
Can we use the same actions there?

Try the old method using ExtraKey and ExtraValue
Also did ypu remove all values for the activity starter in the designer?

PS: I changed the category

You missed the underscore



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I did remove the values in designer and I do not know if we can use the same actions.

what about just trying it?
sorry, I never used iOS...


I expect this is a bug in ios version. Have you tried the emulator or a real Android device. The example code will WORK in them.

no, the Extras property is still not implemented
you still have to use ExtraKey and ExtraValue in iOS...


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Did you try ExtraKey etc. in ios and does it work in your testing? Extras is still not implemented so that is a bug until it is fixed.

No I did not, I will never touch iOS... :grinning:
According to the overview by @TIMAI2 these are implemented


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Note that the ActivityStarter functionality on iOS is extremely limited. The component itself is what we would call a leaky abstraction since it mostly takes an API specific to Android and exposes it as a component. There isn't a close equivalent of this on iOS. Currently, we only emulate using the android.intent.action.VIEW action, which you can use to open URLs in other apps.