HRM heart rate monitor

I wish to use bluetooth to see my HRM. It is the typical chest strap type HRM not an Arduino.

I have searched and read many posts but when I use the BLE of AI2 I am a failure :frowning:
I do not get any listings of any bluetooth devices. It would really help if I could see some code of HRM apps.

This discussion might provide some insight Reading BLE service in Appinventor

This is for an arduino but some of it might apply to what you are attempting

another Heart rate variability viewer (BLE + Arduino)

and here is a Google search that might have articles you have not seen before

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Thank you Sir,
Sorry for the late reply but we had a typhoon/hurricane and internet has been out over a week. I learned not having water is very bad. Not having electricity is inconvenent. Not having internet while having a head full of ideas is terrible :slight_smile: LOL

Dear all
I'm an AI2 user and I'm trying to obtain the HR from an Android smart watch in which the HR sensor is included as a standard equipment. I have already access to its internal Position, Pedometer and Acceleration sensors using the available in AI2 developers relative blocks. Since a block for HR is not available as a standard sensor in AI2, I found an extension, the following: HeartRateMonitor.aix, downloaded and imported it to my application. However, when I tried to build the Application for a simple HR access App, is does not proceed to build the app and issues an error message. Any help???

Where did you find that extension Ioannis?

What is the error message?

I found the extension in a link, in a relative post. I'll try to find the link and send it to you.
The error message is all the above in my post (following the block image).

Edit: I just found it! it is downloaded from ewpatton, MIT, Dropbox:

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thank you in advance

If you search this board for 'heart rate', you will find some projects based only on the BLE extension, which should be better supported, because of its wider user base and involved author(s).

Thank you ABG! I know it! But our application does not must be build around the BLE extension, since we must access the internal sensors (e.g. Pedometer, GPS, Heart Rate, Accelerometer e.t.c) values of a Smart Watch, include them in a .csv file and submit this file to a specific URL, from anywhere in the world.

So the smart watch itself runs Android?

How does the smart watch collect heart rate data?

  1. "So the smart watch itself runs Android?"
    The majority of Smart Watches run Android
  2. "How does the smart watch collect heart rate data?"
    A lot of Smart Watches include heart rate sensor as a standard as for example two used by us: FunOS H1 and Huawei GT
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From your description of your app requirements, you will need:

  • to learn extension development
  • find the watch's internal API to its heart sensor.

@ewpatton developed this extension. He may need to update it to work in your Project.


To facilitate working with this type of data, I’ve created the following extension:



Shared with Dropbox

It requires this version of the BLE extension and will not work with earlier versions of the extension:



Shared with Dropbox

And here is a test app that I used to test with an Arduino using a similar sketch to the one you showed above.

HeartRateTest.aia (196.5 KB)

Dear SteveJG, I've tried exactly this app together with the proposed extension but it doesnt work. I have contacted also @ewpatton and I'm waiting for his answer. Thank you once again!