How to use the built in spreadsheets component

Looking for some help on how to use the built in spreadsheets components
Like getting sach rows data,etc.....

Those aren't in production yet.

Can't understand

Do you mean that component is for expriment

Yes, you have to use a separate test server to work with the component.

But there are ways to do advanced work in production AI2 ...

while we wait for the experimental component.

Sir i followed all the steps given in this link Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor
I followed both the documents and done the API set-up and also signed in the app inventor which is mentioned there and imported the JSON file and attached it . After which i dont know how to use it

Unless you are working with Tommy Heng, i would not use that test server. You might find it yanked out from under you if MIT loses interest in that expeimental component.