How to store sub-data in Firebase? (For an online quiz app)

I think you are right @TIMAI2, I hope you can make a project that can help on this topic :pray:
btw thank you :innocent:

This might help:

The tag structure in the 4 year old experimental app is an example of very fine grained data storage, for the game Rock Paper Scissors, capable of managing multiple matches and multiple players.

I haven't used Firebase in a while, maybe because the stock MIT emulator was too old to support it.
I can't vouch for the completion of the app, but the important thing to learn from it is how to build up Firebase tags by JOINing key parts separated by '/', avoiding storing lists, and by not worrying about redundant storage.

I will try both of your suggestions and tell.


Hello, I think I found a different solution, I can simply add a "/" to create a subtag, thank you for your help.

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