How to store sub-data in Firebase? (For an online quiz app)

Hello There!
I am in a little hurry, I wanted to know if it is possible to create Sub-Tags inside the main tag. It works as if I can store multiple sub-tags inside one regular tag using FirebaseDB. Is that possible?

yes, it is possible

Thank you, could you please tell if every user is changing one sub-value is it possible to prevent the app from changing others? I did not use list of lists in firebase because if some person has network lag, it will cause everyone a problem. Like First Get The Value of the tag and then change some part of it and reupload it but if someone has network lag, it breaks the app.

hmm, but if you want to create sub tags you must to store it in a regular tag and if there is a sub tag you want to update, it will re-upload all the sub tags

Yes, I thought so but people who are low on internet will create an intense problem as the network lag will cause data to get updated but it will change all other data back to what it was when the device read it. Is there anything I could do to prevent this?

Okay, I will try to find the logic

Thanks a lot, btw, is it possible to use the Web component to manipulate data?

I think it's possible, but I've never tried web components

Same with me but I found a tutorial in the community itself : but it is very confusing.

what if you make it like this

Append Value is a good option but how will I get rid of the older values?

hmm, I think append value is a bad way

I think I should close this topic because I have to present the app at 1:00 pm and I don't really think anyone will be online at this time. If your timezone is different, then note that it's 12:40 already, so I can do nothing but I will surely send the .aia of the app.

Okay, I got it

Maybe this method can be used :

sorry for now, there is still no way to do it because there are still some blocks that are not available

I did my best to explain everything, what are you having trouble with? (You do have to adopt a different mindset to the normal way of doing firebase things in AI2 :wink: )

Besides that, why would you want to use sub-tags, even though you can use regular tags which are easier and more comfortable to use? :face_with_monocle:

I have said it before

I know that, but I mean why do you want to create sub-tags when you can use regular tags, because those subtags can only work together as if a value is updated it has to update all, but if it is a regular tag you don't need to update all the values ​​that are used, and tags you only need to select one tag and edit the value in it without having to update all the values ​​in other tags.
I hope you can understand what I mean

Not sure why sub tags are a bad thing? That is the whole point of the firebase data structure.