Change tag name on firebase

Is it possible for me to change this tag, the one that is circled
If possible can you share the block picture

I think there is no block for rename tags from App Inventor.

Create a new tag with the same sub-content (tags and values) then delete the first one.

A rename can be done using a multistep process involving

  • saving the (old,new) tags in a dictionary {oldTag:newTag}
  • asking for FireBase to read the old tag's values
  • when the old tag's values arrive, if the old tag is in the dictionary, then add the new tag/values
  • when the new tag/values have been stored, check the dictionary values to see if the tag is a new (renamed) tag. If it is, ask FireBase to delete the old tag from that pair, then delete the pair from the dictionary.
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You can create sub folder for that

Thank you so much for all the solution.

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