How to send specific message to a specific number with Whatsapp and AI extension?

Using ActivityStarter…Clicking on a button I want to send a specific WhatsApp msg to a specific contact but it doesn’t work.

This is my code…it seems to work without errors, but in doesn’t write the msg I want with text TextBox… the app open Whatsapp conversation to the specific contact, but doesn’t write automatically the msg I write in the TextBox .

Action >>> android.intent.action.SEND
Activity Package >>> com.whatsapp
DataUri >>>(with JOIN) “smsto:” + “+39” + variable with the number
DataType >>> text/plain
ActivityClass >>> com.whatsapp.Conversation
Extras >>> a list of key/value pair >>>
first >>> android.intent.extra.TEXT
second >>> a Textbox Text from a variable

I also tried to use KIO4Whatsapp extension, and it makes the opposite…it works like a ContactPicker and when I choose the Contact, the text in already filled.
I heard that perhaps Whatsapp doesn’t agree to do that thing ‘cause doesn’t accept external commands…I risk a ban with this, or is there a solution?

Thanks for attention

How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp


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I already try but in these ways I can decide the text message but I have to choose the recipient of it by the ContactPicker.
In the way I write I can choose directly by block the recipient conversation but it doesn’t bring the text message…
Is there a way to do both thing? Choosing the recipient of message directy and write the message… I would like the only thing that remains to do is clicking the Send Button in Whatsapp App.
it’s possible?

Yes You can Call Url with activity starter
and call below link

where “whatsappphonenumber” is a full phone number in international format and urlencodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.

I use google sheets to call random data in place of URL


(added to FAQ to replace dead YouTube WhatsApp link)

thanks, I thought there was a problem, but it seems all ok!! :wink:
it’s legal to use this with an app to insert in play store?

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Glad it Helped you !
Sorry! no Idea about that !!!

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