How to copy a sound from assets to ext. storage and play it from this path → API ≥ 29

How to copy a sound from the assets to the root directory of the external storage:

/storage/emulated/0/sound.ogg (.mp3)

and play it from this path on devices especially with API ≥ 29:

Note: This will stop working if AI2 targets API 30 (likely towards the end of 2021).
Then you can only read / write to / from the ASD (app-specific directory).


Thank you Anke.

I'm just a rookie programmer so I have to ask what API>29 is.

I noticed you joined an app but nevertheless, I would appreciate do understand, as far as possible, what I'm doing :grin:

API level 29 → Android 10.

Does my APK work on your (Android 10) device?
Btw, it should work with any version of Android.

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