I want to read pdf from the application

from where can I get the "tainfunTools1" ?
I don't find "ApiLevel", "InDevlopement" blocks

I need theese blocks, I don't find them


the extension GetApiLevel_3 include only these blocks

With this extension you get all together:

  1. API level
  2. packageName
  3. isDevelopment

neither this, it include only these blocks

What I want to do is to read pdf from the application on android 11, so I used your example for mp3 and I will change on it somthing.

but I don't find blocks that I had mention it.
I think that it misses "TainfunTools" extension
what do you think?

Everything you need for that is here:

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yes I saw this and I tried it. It decrease the quality of PDF file, and the zoom function don't work well, because of that, I want to use the Taifun extention for that


The zoom function works and the quality is pretty good.

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Right, since the PDF is saved as an image (AFAIK), some quality loss is inevitable.

yes, because of that I want to open PDF in external app
To do so, I used this tutorial

But I get an error, so I tried to modify the blocks just like your example, but I don't find blocks

Try this one:

Button2 opens the PDF from this Shared folder: /storage/emulated/0/Documents/pdf1.pdf

Note: A PDF reader must be installed on your test device!
The app should then work on all Android versions. But on Android < 11, WRITE permissions must be requested and granted. The app will ask for it automatically. When using the File component, WRITE permission must be (incorrectly) requested even on Android 11+. Therefore I used the TaifunFile extension.

So on Android 11+ it should work without any storage permissions.

yes, this is my idea, that's what I want
I want to open pdf file from the asset

can you share used blocks with me?

I copied the PDF from the assets to the ASD and the Shared folder and read it from there.
You cannot read a PDF file from the assets (AFAIK). But it should also be possible to read the PDF file from the PrivateDir (internal storage).
I'll check this ...

ok, when you finish checking it, plz share with me blocks, because I am a liitle bit confused about copy, and reading...