HTML File as asset on Android 10 / 11

Before Android 10 I downloaded some html, css files at first start of the app to a special folder (file:///mnt/sdcard....).
As this is not working any more I would like to include these files as assets, but I am wondering where I can find them ? What is the correct path to the assets folder uner Android 10 / 11 now?
Has the Device to be rooted the access the files?

Since Android 10 does not allow you to write in external storage so these files are stored in Application Specific Directory of Companion.

Thank you, but I can not see them using MyPhoneExplorer eg...

The folder assets does not exist in my ASD

I used the filebyfile Method from Taifun

So, the easiest way could also be to adapt the path to where the files will be downloadad?

Ok, so for API under 29 it is working.

For API 29 and above it is not working, i can get no connection to the file listview.html



Save files in ASD.

I do it, but there is no connection to the file:

This is the Path (of course ASD is replaced by the wright name)


Do I have to grant special READ Permission? On srart of the App WRITE Permission is already granted...


is making this:


Seems quite weird.
@Anke kindly have a look here.

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@wikki74 See here and also read the entire thread:


See also here:

This works also on Android 11 (API 30).

Only when AI2 will target API 30 (targetSdkVersion = 30).

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Thank you very much Anke, this helps a lot!!!!