How to add new language support for emulator

Hi there ,
I am trying to create a list of words but in my mother tongue "Punjabi", but on emulator seems there is no support for Punjabi. I tried to browse from the language list from the emulator setting but Punjabi is not there. Is it possible to download any new language package support on emulator.


Hello Gagan

The reason the Emulator does not support Punjabi is the down to the font it uses, you can't add a new language to the current emulator (but a new one is on the way).

Instead, test your App on your Android device (phone) with the Companion. If that fails in a similar way, you will need to add an appropriate font to the device via your App. There is a free Extension for that.

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Hi Chris,
Thanks aton for your prompt reply and suggestions. I really appreciate that. I will follow what you suggested :+1: